Joe Tomei

Kumamoto Gakuen University

Joseph Tomei came to Japan on the first year of the JET program, and was in Miyagi prefecture for 5 years (87-92) After a Linguistics MA from the University of Oregon, he came to Hokkaido University. JALT publication opportunities helped secure a tenured position at Kumamoto Gakuen University, home for 18 years. Arriving in Kumamoto, he became Kumamoto chapter president and served as National Membership Chair when JALT became an NPO. 

Work supporting foreign lecturers at the prefectural university led to the PALE SIG and the SCOEP. Because of reduced chapter membership, he organized Kumamoto chapter's dissolution, providing the framework for similar challenges. He then worked with Bill Balsamo in Vietnam, efforts which eventually turned into the THT SIG, where he served as coordinator. More recently, the Kumamoto chapter has been resurrected as part of NanKyu (Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto and now Nagasaki) and he has most recently been treasurer for NanKyu and THT.

He plays horn in a local symphony and does martial arts, holding an aikido 5th dan and a iaido 6th dan. At the International Conference, you can find him doing aikido at the Mind and Body Space or presenting at the Technology in Teaching event.

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