Teaching Speaking: Classroom exercises

Shinshu Chapter

Date and Time: 
Saturday, 2 July 2016 - 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Terry Yearley (Saitama University)

We will examine some speaking exercises with regard to how and why they are used in the language classroom. We will begin with an overview of Nation's four strands (meaning-focused input, meaning-focused output, language-focused learning, and fluency development), and then look at how speaking fits into this framework. We will then explore the usage of two specific exercises ('432' and 'Talking Zone') and discuss their roles within the Four Strands. Finally, we will share other speaking activities in groups and attempt to categorize their respective roles.

Terry Yearley has a first class honours degree in Linguistics with TEFL, and an MA TESOL. He has been teaching EFL in Japan since 2001, and currently teaches speaking and writing at Saitama University. He is the Program Chair for West Tokyo JALT, and the Program Officer for ETJ Tokyo.

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