Teaching Presentation Skills: Process, Content, Performance, Evaluation

Shinshu Chapter

Date and Time: 
Saturday, 23 April 2016 - 2:00pm - 4:30pm
Dr. Sue Fraser
Gregory Birch
'My Share' presenters

‘Making a presentation’ is a task type commonly employed in educational settings, as well as an essential skill used in professional contexts. In this session, the process to develop presentation skills, which includes a focus on content, performance and evaluation, will be analyzed. Each step will be exemplified through informal classroom-based presentations and high-stake scripted speeches in formal academic settings. Application to professional contexts will also be discussed in relation to a current ESP training course for employees at Nagano-based engineering companies.

Gregory Birch teaches at Seisen Jogakuin College and Nagano National College of Technology. Dr. Sue Fraser teaches at Seisen Jogakuin College, Nagano National College of Technology, and Shinshu University, and tutors on Birmingham University’s distance-learning M.A. (TESOL) programme. Both teach presentation skills at the tertiary level, organize and judge speech contests for college and high school students, and run an ESP presentation workshop for Nagano TECHNO Foundation.

My Share Presentations

Time will be set aside for ‘My Share’ Presentations, in which local members introduce an activity, explain their rationale for using it, and demonstrate its implementation.

 Nagano City Lifelong Learning Center, TOIGO Plaza (3Fl. Room 4) / 長野市生涯学習センター(第4学習室)
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