The Nature of Spoken Language - Part I:The Theory and Findings / Part II - Theory into Practice Workshop

Fukui Chapter

Date and Time: 
Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
John Campbell-Larsen

In this two-part talk Mr. Campbell-Larsen will first present some findings of researchers who focus on the nature of spoken language. He will discuss some of the issues surrounding the research as they pertain to EFL/ESL (English as a Foreign Language / English as a Second Language) practitioners.

In part-two of his talk, Mr. Campbell-Larson will demonstrate various ways the theory can be translated into practical classroom application. To do this he will involve the attending audience in a workshop style talk allowing for a “hands-on” experience.

University of Fukui, The Global Hub, Daigakusei Kaikan 2F
Fee for JALT members: 
Fee for one-day members: 
1,000 yen (Non-member students - 500 yen)


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