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Improving Student Motivation through Using Language Support Centers. ~How the “E-Clinic” Benefits the English Program at Shimane University~ 英語学習支援室の利用と学習者のモチベーション向上について ~島根大学医学部における「E-クリニック」の結果をもとに考える~

Date and Time: 
Sunday, 25 June 2017 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Lynne Murphy
John Telloyan

Presentation Abstract: The E-clinic, an English language support center at Shimane University, hosts lectures, provides resources, and gives advice about English study. In this presentation, we will explain how effective and varied use of such a center can influence students’ motivation towards English, referring to our experience as a successful example.


Lynne Murphy’s Bio Data:
Teaching English at the Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University since April 2016. Her main interests are improvement of English language education and exploration of Japanese language and culture.


John Telloyan’s Bio Data: Currently starting his 17th year as an English lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University. Prior to teaching English in Japan, he taught in the U.S. and China.


Tottori University - Tottori Campus - Koho Center Room 2C (Building just inside of main gate)
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