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Annual Picnic and Barbecue

Date and Time: 
Sunday, 28 May 2017 - 11:30am - 2:00pm

Everyone is invited to our annual potluck picnic and barbecue, which will be held at the usual place in Takashi Ryokuchi Park, just south of the university campus where we usually meet. Barbecue will be provided, but please bring something to eat or drink, especially something you can share with others. You are welcome to invite guests, and we look forward to gathering as many people as possible.

Takashi Ryokuchi Koen (Takashi station, Atsumi Line)
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My Share

Date and Time: 
Sunday, 18 June 2017 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Several Speakers

Several teachers with different backgrounds have been invited to talk about their approach to teaching and to discuss their differing classroom experiences with us. We are looking forward to gathering the widest range of input from everyone at this informal event. Speakers may include Cameron North, Mike Boyce, Scott Combs, Hiromi Kinoshita, Giuliane Yasukawa and others. Come along and make your voice heard!

Aichi University Toyohashi Campus (Building 5, Room 541)
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Low-cost Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets for English Language Learners - An exploratory and practical workshop

Date and Time: 
Sunday, 16 July 2017 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Josh Brunotte
Chris Hastings

Virtual Reality has been used as a training tool for several decades in
various domains, including language teaching, but because of the
technology’s high cost and bulk its use has been limited to special labs
and research projects, rarely making it into the hands of the average
learner in the classroom. However, the presenters believe that VR is set to
enter the EFL classroom en masse thanks to the invention of Google
Cardboard, a low-cost VR headset for smartphones, along with the high
incidence of smartphone ownership, especially amongst high school and
university age learners in Japan. With freely available software learners
will be able to practice language, experience English language content,
produce English language content, and prepare for study abroad programs
immersively. In this workshop, you will have a chance to experience Google
Cardboard and these applications for yourself. How this technology may be
used as an effective learning tool both now and in the near future will
also be discussed, with specific focus on how role-plays, asymmetrical
language tasks, and study abroad pre-departure preparation may be carried
out through this medium. As a participant in this workshop, you will have
the opportunity to learn about Google Cardboard from both the instructor
and learner perspectives. We hope that, through this experience, the
engaging nature of smartphone VR, as well as the possibilities this
technology holds for stimulating and challenging learners of all levels
will be made clear.

NB Could all intending participants please download the following apps to their smartphones. This will allow everyone to participate better and each person to be able to use a VR headset:
1. Google Cardboard
2. Google Streetview
3. Google Expeditions

Chris Hastings is a part-time lecturer at Aichi Shukutoku University,
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Nanzan University and Nagoya College.
His main research interests are game-based learning and CALL. He can be
reached at christopher.robert.hastings@gmail.com

Josh Brunotte is an associate professor at Aichi Prefectural University. He
is currently undertaking research in the field of CALL and the use of
virtual reality in the classroom, as well as health-related behaviors and
their effect on classroom achievement. He can be reached at

Aichi University Toyohashi Campus (Building 5, Room 541)
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1,000 yen


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