Modifying Textbooks to Maximise Vocabulary Acquisition

Akita Chapter

Date and Time: 
Saturday, 22 April 2017 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Prof. Cherie Brown, English for Academic Purposes Program, Akita International University

Abstract: The presentation describes the findings of a textbook analysis study undertaken by the presenter and a colleague at AIU, which was subsequently presented at the Vocab@Vic conference, and then published in "Vocabulary Learning and Instruction". The presenter will outline key findings of the research and will describe the subsequent impact these had on practical aspects of vocabulary teaching/learning in the AIU EAP classroom. Ways of modifying reading texts and vocabulary tasks contained in commercial (or required) textbooks, to enable 'deep processing' of vocabulary and to improve acquisition potential, will be described. Results of a follow-up study in which these modifications were employed showed that there was a statistically significant gain in the GSL high-frequency vocabulary knowledge of the students in the experimental group. Practical applications to other learning contexts will be suggested, and participants will engage in activities they can adapt for use in their own classrooms, with the specific goal being to improve learners' knowledge of high-frequency English general and/or academic vocabulary. Opportunities for participants to develop greater understanding of current vocabulary learning and teaching research and practice will also be discussed.

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